wild ginseng case

Roots of wild ginseng dried of 8-year-old from the former Manchuria.

For a collection, to make a present or to improve your vitality and your resistance,

We selected roots carefully for you.

Roots from 6 years of age have properties.

Powerful and a measurable effect, on the physical and mental dynamism.

Our roots of wild ginseng are presented and delivered in custom-made box for you.


– Improvement of the blood circulation.

– Anti-fatigue effect.

– Improvement of activity cerebral and of the memory.

– Favorites the good levels of cholesterol.

– Balanced the glycemia.

– Beneficial for the central nervous system.

– Improvement of the libido.

You can use the ginseng all year long.

With the root you can make some tea by breaking small pieces.

The ginseng also consumes in cure or in period of examination and competition.

Does not suit to the women surrounding wall and breast-feeding.

not recommended for pregnant or nursing women

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Showing all 2 results