The Super Bowl 


The superbowl


is fast approaching. The confrontation between the two best teams of

each conference will take place at the beginning of February.

Happy victors in East and West, the Kansas City Chiefs will face the San Francisco 49ers ,

two regulars who had not seen the finals any more for many years.

Having fallen a few weeks earlier, the Baltimore crow has nevertheless had the best results of the regular season.

Back on the explosive journey of one of the best candidates for the champions ring.



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A history of champions

The Baltimore crow was born in 1996 of a poem by Edgar Allen Poe ,

famous poet of the city of Baltimore.

When the team moved to Maryland, it suffered controversy from former fans who were very attached to their former

status in Cleveland.

Despite a difficult start,the Baltimore crows have managed to hold their place in the American league,

with two victories in the Superbowl of 2000 and 2012 .

The Ravens were also successful in 2003, 2006, 2011, 2012, 2018 and 2019 as AFC North division champions .

Representatives of American football who regularly qualify

for the Playoffs with a pass to the semi-finals at least every year.

The reason for the success of the past two years is surely to be found in the pick of Lamar Jackson in the 2018 NFL draft.

32nd pick in the Ravens’ first round , the young quarterback was able to impose

his rhythm on the other teams of US Football by having the heavy task of replacing the very big Joe Flacco ,

elected MVP at SuperBowl 2012.

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An almost perfect season on new wings

Lamar Jackson literally wore the Baltimore Ravens this year, on his 36 touchdowns and 6 interceptions on the season.

He allowed his team to gain 1206 yards and added 7 touchdowns on the strength of his foot alone.

Mind-blowing stats for a 22-year-old player who was widely criticized in his early days.

The baby of the Maryland crows will not have waited long to spread purple wings on the AFC.

The same AFC he registered his Baltimore team with almost impossible

stats of 14 wins for only 2 losses conceded against the Kansas City

Chiefs and the Cleveland Browns in September 2019.

After these two defeats and the arrival of a weight reinforcement in the person of Marcus Peters ,

the Ravens have only exploded on 12 consecutive wins.

They won victories against teams that had more than 50% winning ratio ,

thanks to a very well controlled ground game.

The stats speak for themselves.

The Ravens put a distance of +114 points differentials against the other teams while remaining below the 20 points

conceded against the top players in the league.

An impressive course.

A third unexpected defeat

Were they too confident?

Did they rest too much on their laurels?

The ravens’ defeat against the Titans was simply unpredictable.

A Tennessee team that has made it through the road to conference finals.

A week after eliminating the Patriots of New England ,

defending champions Titans led by legendary quarterback Tom Brady

created a surprise by defeating the best NFL team this season.

The duo Brady-Henry was not for nothing.

The Titans runner Derrick Henry was able to complete his quarterback by thereby

equaling the record of making 3 consecutive games by accumulating more than

180 yards of racing with the ball at ground.

Faced with them, the future MVP of the season, Lamar Jackson,

did not get a response from his teammates who lost on the score of 28 – 12.

A match very emotional which saw the fans of Ravens on the verge of tears.

The defeat swept a possible revenge on the Kansas City Chiefs, as well as the promise of a ring of

champions they had not had since 2012.


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