Physical condition

We are all looking for good physical condition Often it depends on the goals and age of each, but we can say that we can improve our performance, take care of our body at all stages of our life. This is rather good news ! Do you want more flexibility cardio muscle?

Everything is possible ! Some like Bruce Lee have developed a good overall condition


Bruce lee physical condition



flexibility and velocity and solid muscle tone. Examples of extraordinary athletes. Action film choreographer Mike Carson also developed full physical abilities


Mike carson Martial artist physical condition



such as flexibility, acrobatics and strength, Mike has also written an excellent book entitled: the secrets of flexibility. I’m not talking about handling weapons and other waterfalls you will see on his site.





Comedian Scott Adkins also does strength training and heavy lifting




scott adkins physical condition


while training in martial arts. Tennis player Roger Federer always at the top level on almost all surfaces and in great shape.



roger federer physical condition


You too can develop good physical condition.


Cardio is essential for staying in shape.



physical condition



Biking and running are practiced by millions of people and bring really good results. Mountain biking has really become a good healthy alternative to indoor sports. And in addition to doing family, it’s not bad either. Swimming, or “the pool” all simply work wonders for building muscle while doing sheathing, all in one, and then being at the water’s edge is always fun. Tennis and really a fun and strategic sport that keeps you in shape no matter what your level and age All of these activities help develop good physical condition and there are many more Your flexibility little and should improve at any age, softening your body is a true philosophy that acts on your breathing, your life positioning your character, your physical condition. This work of flexibility combined with the work of cardio capacities will also help you to stay in shape, while favoring a balanced diet and regular medical monitoring. All this work will have benefits for living as long as possible in good health Its not preventing you from having fun from time to time we are not monks either! I am sure that the Shaolin monks celebrate at least once a year?



physical condition ginseng of Manchurian


In short ! Know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by practicing the sport or activity that you enjoy Supplements are sometimes necessary in addition to a balanced diet to achieve your goals.


red ginseng physical condition

3 ginseng

This set goals

To succeed in the long term, unless you are a high level competitor, surrounded by a staff. regular and achievable goals need to be set. The important thing is to last, so its means: manage the times of training sessions. Manage training frequencies Vary training courses, partners, exercises. Set an annual goal by cutting it into a monthly goal or even a week. While respecting the rest, which will allow you to capitalize on your results. Where simply lifting the foot was training less heavy, going less in pain or intensity Just a week or two. To better reach your long-term progression goals and not be the shooting star that friends no longer see in training. You got to know yourself and now you know how to set goals for good physical condition because you are good!


To achieve and optimize your goals, you will know how to focus. There are various techniques of “mental building” to focus but I do not approach this subject today, because it is more in the area of personal development. We will cover this in another article. This concentration will give you determination. So be careful! for those who want to keep the physical condition quiet, the determination may be only to go to the room where to take his bike. But for the more “warrior” the concentration will be an overcoming of each one at his level. Always focused on your goal. Come on! As Bruce said, it is for this sole purpose that concentration and therefore determination will help you develop a good long-term physical condition.

Dietetics and supplements

Our food and sometimes too much or not enough. This means that often we are next door … And yes, not all sports activities and body types have the same needs. Today we have made immense progress in dietetics and modern balanced nutrition. I am thinking of intermittent fasting and a reduced diet of animal meat Uh … It’s not so modern actually. Finally … everyone does what they want. Choose the right nut, olive oil and a sufficient supply of hydrate / protein ratio. The phyto substance and molecules unique to certain plants will help you maintain good energy, top sexual activity and a good immune system. Bodybuilder Albert Beckles is still in great shape at 81 thanks to natural supplements For a great shape and a natural physique Manchurian Tiger Red Ginseng Will help you keep in shape, to boost you in your training physical condition red ginseng

3 ginseng

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the appeal for the power of plants to respond to certain deficiencies, should not replace a medical opinion. Despite the usefulness of plants it should not be used to treat. ebstar