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On September 10, 2020 the NFL, the US professional football championship in the United States will start its new season, with legend Tom Brady in focus. At 43, the most successful quarterback in history; 6 Super Bowls won with the New England Patriots, decided to put the helmet back on but in a new team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Additional challenge or last lap of honor, everything is said in these few words.
Tom Brady’s healthy lifestyle is well established. The prospect of playing in a new outfit, with different teammates except Rob Gronkowski, who he played with in New England, gives us a clue as to the guy’s ability to outdo himself.
The Coronavirus health crisis has not undermined the goals of the league, the teams, the athletes.
Tom Brady is the best example. A new title would in any case be a magnificent proof of the genius of this player and an additional testimony of his talent.
The fans, the curious, the sports lovers, are ready for this new campaign which will begin in a few days.
The justice of the peace will be in the playoffs, the NFL finals to completion, the Super Bowl, the finals, the holy grail for all athletes in this discipline.
A 7th Super Bowl? Why not at 43!

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