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The red ginseng in dough,

is prepared with root of ginseng Panax C.A. Meyer of six years of age.

And prepared according to the method traditional Korean and Chinese.

For approximately 4000 years the Ginseng is known

for its virtues of indisputable universal panacea of efficiency

Manchuria in particular ,

has earned a reputation not only in the region,

but also around the world as its unique natural environment historical background,

and cultural activities.

Acting directly on “Qi” the vital energy by a stimulating effect

and natural drug for the health generally.

The concentrated red ginseng is particularly energizing and powerful and rather fast tonic.

produced by extraction, blending and concentrating

from red ginseng roots as raw material

It is necessary to use the concentrated with a lot of common sense,

Because to increase too much is Qi over long period is

Not indicated, because the body becomes too hot.

three weeks of cure and three weeks of cut.

Obviously, to use in period of fatigue of sports preparation of preparation of


Our boxes of red ginseng in dough concentrated appear 4 oz and 7 oz

We recommend 0.035 oz a day the morning in the breakfast or in the morning


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the appeal for the power of plants to respond to certain deficiencies, should not replace a medical opinion. Despite the usefulness of plants it should not be used to treat. ebstar