Concentrated ginseng 7 oz



Concentrated ginseng

concentrated ginseng 200 ml soft without bitterness,nature aphrodisiac for winter without cold, a good vitality,available also in 100 ml


Concentrated  ginseng 



Efficacity of the Ginseng

concentrated red Ginseng  high in ginsenosides, flask of  7 oz

including anti-cancer, anti allergy ,anti-inflammatory,anti-fatigue,

anti stress and immunomodulatory activities.

red ginseng is a concentrated formula that only Chinese

and Korean know how to make.

red ginseng is a formula that contains the energizing molecules

of or a very powerful action.

The research result announced by the professor hwang,woo-lk in Korea

University and RA.

Wolsten Croft, a researcher in Rayne Research Institute in UK says one of the substances within ginseng 

called poly acetylene has timed out to be effective in discouraging reproduction of cancer cell and enhancing

immunity white promoting a tast post-operative recovery and preventing adverse side effects as well.

There has been a clinical trial result recently that ginseng inhibits highly

pathogenic influenza virus, which has attracted a keen attention in medical 

society with active research being conducted on the effect of ginseng on Novelswine-oridin influenza A.


Natural Cialis

The professor Choi,Hyeong-gi Yonsei University as well as other medical

practitioners from US, Russia and Japan announced that ginseng boosts up the

synthesis of DNA and protein in male testicles

and the female intrathecal cellularity as well,

leading to a greatly enhanced sexual performance.

concentrate is very appreciated because it is sweet to honey

the recommended concentrate in any season and at any age

it should be used in a three week cure

Make a youth cure with concentrated 

it is a product of traditional Chinese medicine

mixed with some hot water or tea or even mix with cereals .

Additional information

Weight 200 g
the appeal for the power of plants to respond to certain deficiencies, should not replace a medical opinion. Despite the usefulness of plants it should not be used to treat. ebstar