Concentrated red ginseng 4 oz


Concentrated red ginseng 

ginseng red concentrated with a little honey for a good concentration of ginsenoside,easily added to milk with cereal or tea.



Concentrated Red ginseng 


concentrated red ginseng


Red Ginseng paste in 4 oz

Composition rich  in ginsenosides preserved in honey

The red ginseng and black ginseng extract prepared by the method exhibit

a high anticancer against human live cancer creels.

Red ginseng is great for increase mind and body performance.

The plant has powerful antioxidant and anti-obesity qualities,

Strengthening of the immune system .

concentrated energy and youth ginseng concentrate is a treasure.

mixed with some hot water or tea or even mix with cereals

Ginseng concentrated Adding honey is a Chinese tradition .

this is a very good product available at a very affordable price

Additional information

Weight 200 g

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