What is Testosterone?




Testosterone ginseng


It’s a very important hormone,

to put it simply, testosterone is a hormone involved in the virilization process such as sexuality for example,

but also in metabolism and protein synthesis.

This hormone according to its rate, will play a role on our emotions and our motivation

Indeed we, we men, will be more voluntary or aggressive depending on our level of male hormone


Activity and Testosterone

sports training has a good influence on the production of our hormone,

in line with a balanced diet and sometimes supplement.

Over-training or exhausting work can be fatal for a period of time, resulting in a fall.

This can have unfortunate consequences, particularly in terms of libido,

performance and our morale, because in the long term it can lead to a depressive state.

A little rest and a good diet rich in zinc and vitamin B6 will help to bring back the testo

Natural Foods That Boosts hormone

Terrestrial tribulus, zinc-rich ginseng and avena sativa found in oatmeal,

oysters and other seafood contribute to optimal Testosterone levels.


Ginseng extrakt powder red paste


3 ginseng


Manchurian Tiger Ginseng to keep a good level of natural Testosterone

the appeal for the power of plants to respond to certain deficiencies, should not replace a medical opinion. Despite the usefulness of plants it should not be used to treat. ebstar