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Why Manchurian ginseng?






Manchuria was a vast region of northern China, why was?


because this region is not officially called that anymore it is today the liaonning


As the main and unavoidable city Shenyang, formerly the capital of Manchuria

and even the capital of China until 1640 during the reign of Emperor Qianglong

who moved the capital to the imperial palace in Beijing.

Manchuria is vast it has a Russian part which is called Manchuria outside this region knows several Chinese dynasties

it still extended in 600 of our era on the borders of what is called today Korea, before its emancipation from China.

The forests are then a source of wild ginseng, and the populations are then hunters and researchers of ginseng

ginseng in its most natural form the root of antropomorphic or human form

Manchuria will always be the theater of major historical events until the Chinese Revolution.

Its geopolitical configuration will constantly make it a strategic region at the heart of Chinese history

Manchurian ginseng is identical to Korean ginseng which is not the case for some ginseng from southern China

The climate of Manchuria is very cold in winter with temperatures sometimes around 30 degrees below freezing

but also sometimes it is very hot in summer.

This climate and conducive to ginseng which thrives in the humid forests of Manchuria the region is immense

it stretches over 1.1 million square kilometers and represents more than 10% of the total territory of the country

In Manchuria, some people still come across bears and tigers, as the region is sometimes little visited in certain places.

Today the site of shang bai shan, in the current region of jiling

volcanic lake on the border of North Korea and listed as a UNESCO heritage site.

Manchurian ginseng like that of Korea The authentic Panax ginseng Meyer

Today ginseng is mainly grown

Have called this cultured ginseng: semi wild, because it must be at least 6 years old to have an optimal pharmaceutical value

There are still wild roots and there are beautiful specimens of roots over 20 years old


Discover Manchurian réd Ginseng

red ginseng


the appeal for the power of plants to respond to certain deficiencies, should not replace a medical opinion. Despite the usefulness of plants it should not be used to treat. ebstar